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The Balti House
1-3 High Street
Tel: 01254 883301
Open 7 Days a Week
Sun-Thu (5pm-12am) Fri & Sat (5pm-2am)
Curries, Pizzas, Kebabs, Burgers & Fried Chicken, all under one roof.
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Sun - Thu (5pm - 12am) Fri & Sat (5pm - 2am)

Good food = GREAT mood

Good food = GREAT mood

Here at the Balti House, we believe that good food can put you in a GREAT mood. 

We pride ourselves on using the finest, freshest ingredients to bring you a selection of tasty dishes. Our top customers deserve top quality food!

Grade A ChickenGrade A Chicken

We use grade-A chicken in all of our dishes for our A-class customers! Grade-A chicken is the best around - it's free from defects or discolouration and is nice and plump.

Health is wealthHealth is wealth

Oil is a must for most recipes. But we reckon looking after our health is a must too, which is why we use rapeseed oil for cooking. It has the lowest saturated fat content of any oil and is half that of olive oil. Sounds good, right? Well, it tastes good too. Even better, it's packed with omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for your joints, brain, and heart.

Spice is niceSpice is nice

We're big fans of whole spices at the Balti House! We always use freshly ground spices, as they have a much better flavour and an intense aroma. They're pretty incredible! The complex flavours of freshly ground spices make every dish even more delish.

There are volatile compounds in spices such as turmeric, that degrade with exposure to air - so to put it simply, pre-ground spices have a lot less flavour than the fresh stuff.


Want to tuck into a treat that's good for you too? Then pay us a visit, bring a hungry tummy, and we'll serve you with a delicious dish that's sure to bring you a smile!

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